When you have a leaking toilet it can be very annoying, when there’s a constant noise coming from the toilet, this means your inlet valve is leaking and needs to be replaced. North Epping Plumbing is your leaking toilet specialist. If you have a leaking toilet in Eastwood we are waiting for your call 9868 6401.

We at North Epping Plumbing can come out to your house inspect your leaking toilet and fix it on the spot or we may need to go to the Plumbing Supplies and pick up the parts to get your toilet fixed.

Call North Epping plumbing and we can come and give you a free quote* to fix your leaking toilet, or at least an estimate. Our trucks are satellite tracked so we know where all our plumbers are so we can get to your place to fix your leaking toilet.

Gary and Tom have been working together for over five years. We are plumbing specialist in Macquarie Park and the areas around Eastwood.

There are many types of toilet suites. The main types are called close couple and link suites.

When your toilet leaks into the bowl this is caused by one of two things: either your inlet valve is leaking or your outlet valve is leaking.

There are many brands of toilets:

  • Caroma
  • Fowler Ware
  • Giebeit
  • Grohe
  • Fluidmaster
  • Villeroi and Boch
  • Stylus
  • Toto
  • Posh

Each of these brand names have their own particular type of inlet valve.

It’s important to get your leaking toilet fixed because if your toilet continues to leak it may get backed up and/or blocked. If this happens the toilet will flood your house.

North Epping Plumbing can install a new toilet at your house. You can pick one from Bunnings or Reece or we can pick it up for you.

Call North Epping plumbing on 9868 6401 if you have a leaking toilet in Eastwood or the surrounding areas.

* Offer applies on weekdays only. Not applicable for all jobs.